Hurricane Center Foresees No Big Storms For Wilmington

Meteorologist: Weather won't be a concern during Wilmington digital switchover.

National Hurricane Center spokesman and former TV station chief meteorologist Dennis Feltgen doesn't see the weather putting a crimp in Wilmington, N.C., broadcasters plans for switching to digital broadcasting Sept. 8, including from Hurricane Gustav.

 "At the moment we don't see any tropical storm threatening the Wilmington area," he says. What about Gustav, which is building in the Gulf of Mexico?

 "Right now the cone of uncertainty is anywhere from the upper Texas coast to the Florida panhandle. We don't see any impacts on Wilmington, N.C., at all," he says.

  The FCC has said that commercial broadcasters making the switch to digital broadcasting in Wilmington Sept. 8 would be able to continue broadcasting in analog if a hurricane threatened. The noncommercial station in the market is not switching to digital just yet, just in case of emergency.