Hulu Making Documentary Push

New section to help site reach out to Indie film community, users find doc content

Hulu is planning a new section of the site dedicated to documentary programming. The section will feature documentary films as well as short form content.

“It is really an exciting part of the industry, these filmmakers and their distributors are really looking at streaming carefully,” Andy Forssell, Hulu’s SVP of Content Acquisition and Distribution told B&C, adding that the site is working with its major content partners to seed the new section as well.

“One of the opportunities in the movies [section] was to focus more on documentaries because the online availability provided them with a great chance to find and reach an audience,” Forssell added. “We focus on making a great platform but we love making connections between audience and content.”

The purpose of the new section is twofold:
First, it will put all of the documentary movies, TV shows and shorts in one place, making it easier for users to find.

The launch is coming as part of Hulu’s fan appreciation week.

Second, it will help the NBC Universal-News Corp. joint venture form relationships with independent filmmakers and studios, which could become a valuable source of content down the line.

“[I]t is a great outlet for the content creators, because a very small percentage of their films may be in theaters; they are looking to be online,” Forssell says.

At launch, the documentary section will feature television programming from PBS, as well as the recently canceled FX show 30 Days. Newly added films include Super Size Me, which was the inspiration for the FX show as well as Kicking It, which aired on ESPN last year and Confessions of a Super Hero.