HRRC supports FCC copy-protection resolution


The Home Recording Rights Coalition, which includes some consumer
manufacturers, praised members of Congress Tuesday for calling on the Federal Communications Commission to
resolve digital copy-protection issues.

"We are pleased that these lawmakers have publicly recognized the important
consumer interest in these FCC proceedings and have underscored the need for
the commission to address the public interest in these issues," said HRRC
chairman Gary Shapiro, who is also president of the Consumer Electronics
Association. "In particular, we welcome the focus on ensuring equipment
functionality and interoperability for all digital-cable systems, given that
more than 70 percent of American households rely on cable for television

Reps. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) and John Dingell (D-Mich.) and Sen. Fritz Hollings
(D-S.C.) have asked the FCC to resolve industry issues around the "broadcast
flag," which would protect digital-TV content from being copied and distributed
over the Internet.

Movie studios, broadcast networks and some consumer-electronics manufacturers
are behind the broadcast-flag notion, while technology companies and other CE
manufacturers are much less enthusiastic about it, saying that it restricts
consumer-copying rights.

The HRRC also urged the FCC to focus on the dispute between the CEA and cable
companies over a license that dictates how open-standards-based set-top boxes
would copy-protect content.