House Media Caucus Weighs In


Calling the FCC's remanded ownership rules an "unmitigated disaster," sixteen members of the Future of American Media Caucus in the House have written FCC Chairman Kevin Martin asking him not to deregulate along the lines of those rules.

Martin, who supports loosening regs and voted for those first rules, is planning to launch the ownership rewrite at the next open meeting in June, though he can always change that if he chooses.

Led by Maurice Hinchey of New York, the 15 Democrats and Bernie Sanders (an independent), said that the FCC should strengthen the rules to protect diversity.

The caucus was formed in April 2005, citing media consolidation as "damaging" and promoting "accountable, diverse, fair, and independent media."

With a Repbulican majority, Martin is likely to get more deregulatory rules if he can better justify them to the federal appeals court that remanded them two years ago this month.