House Hammers Moses


He may have parted the red sea, but Moses couldn’t beat  Fox on Tuesday night.

ABC’s second installment of its original 10 Commandments was trounced in its first hour by Fox’s House, which easily won its 9-10 time slot following the always strong lead-in American Idol. House scored an 8.4 rating/21 share in the key 18-49 demo, while Commandments’ first hour got only a 3.7/9. However, Commandments did improve in its second hour, when Fox’s original programming for the evening was over; it won the 10-11 time slot with a 4.1/11, against a rerun of CSI on CBS (3.9/10) and an original episode of Conviction on NBC (2.5/7).

Fox won for the night with a 10.0/27.

CBS was second with a 3.3/9; The Unit was its only first-run show of the night, and it scored a 3.8/9 from 9-10.

ABC was close behind with a 3.2/8. Its only non-holiday show of the night was Hope & Faith at 8:30 (1.5/4). At 8 it ran A Charlie Brown Easter (1.8/5).

NBC was fourth with a 2.2/6; an original episode of Scrubs was its highest-rated show with a 2.7/7.

The WB was fifth with a 1.3/3 for Gilmore Girls and Pepper Dennis (which got an 0.9/2 in its second week, down from a 1.2/3 last week).

UPN got an 0.9/2 overall for the night with a rerun of Next Top Model and an original episode of Veronica Mars.