House first To Nudge DVR Needle


Fox's drama House has the distinction of being the first show whose key 18-49 rating was improved by adding in time-shifted viewing.

According to Nielsen's new national ratings, which include time-shifted DVR viewing for the first time, the only show whose DVR viewing made a difference in its rating or share was Fox's House.

Nielsen Thursday released the numbers for Monday, the first day of the expanded ratings survey.

As expected, there were essentailly no differences because the DVR sample is still so small--less than 1% vs. the 7% penetration in the TV household universe, according to Nielsen. Nielsen is adding 100 DVR homes per month to its sample, however, and expects to match the national sample by January.

Nonetheless, enough of those "less than 1%" recorded House and then watched it before 3 a.m. (the cut-off for the "live plus same day" category) to move the meter a tenth of a rating point.

Of the 23 shows on seven networks--Monday was the debut of Telemundo in the national sample as well--House was the only show to register any change whatsoever between its day-and-date rating and the "live plus same day" category that included DVR time-shifted viewing.

A special 9 p.m. Monday edition of House--it normally airs Tuesday at 9--went from a 2.2 rating/6 share without DVR viewing to a 2.3 rating/6 share with shifting included.

Nielsen will also deliver a "live plus seven-day" time shifted viewing rating/share starting in a week or so and coming out about two weeks after the original airdate.

The new Monday nationals also confirmed what the preliminary overnight numbers for Monday and Tuesday had shown: Univision, in its first side-by-side measurment against the English-language nets, ranked fifth, far ahead of The WB and UPN and was even able to unseat a couple of the shows of the Big Four in various time periods with its telenovellas.

Telemundo will be added to the national sample at the end of this month.