House DTV awaits new hearing


The House Energy and Commerce Committee is finding that smoothing out the
bumps in the digital transition is no easy task.

Rep. Fred Upton told reporters attending the National Show MOnday that another
round of industry meetings and a least one public hearing on the digital-TV transition
will be held before the committee's long-awaited legislation is introduced.

"We want to make sure we do this right," said Upton, chairman of the
Telecommunication Subcommittee.

A discussion draft floated by Commerce Committee chairman Billy Tauzin and
ranking Democrat John Dingell last year left unresolved some tough issues, such as whether broadcasters can demand cable carriage of the multiple channel
streams digital tecnology will allow them to air, and garnered a hostile
reaction to some it attempted to settle, such as setting a 2006 hard date for
reclaiming broadcasters' analog spectrum.