Homer Simpson, O'Donnel/Trump Fight Win 'Best Boomer' Awards


Web site Boomj.com has named the Top 10 Baby Boomers of 2007, and TV figures figure prominently in the list.

Named best animated Boomer was Homer Simpson for making the move from small to big screen in The Simpsons Movie; tapped for Best Boomer vs. Boomer Televised Fight, which sounds suspiciously like a category made up for the purpose, were Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell; Jerry Seinfeld got the Best Boomer Come-Back award for The Bee Movie (Sting was also given an award, but no pun was proffered in the site's press release); Helen Mirren's Emmy, Oscar and Golden Globe won her Best Boomer Actress; former Tennis star and commentaor John McEnroe got best Boomer Athlete, in part for his nonathletic appearances on 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm, according to the Web site.

Boomj.com is a lifestyle/social networking site for Baby Boomers.