Hiwire Announces Program Partners


Aloha Partners subsidiary Hiwire and satellite operator SES Americom have identified the programmers who will be supplying content for a mobile TV trial that launches in Las Vegas later this month.

Aloha, the largest owner of 700 megahertz spectrum in the U.S., is working with SES Americom to test a 24-channel live mobile TV service based on the DVB-H transmission standard already used in Europe. The channel lineup, procured by SES Americom, features seven channels from Discovery Communications (including Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Kids and Discovery's dedicated mobile network, Discovery Mobile); six channels from MTV Networks (including CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike TV and VH1); two channels from Turner Broadcasting - CNN Mobile Live and Cartoon Networks/Adult Swim Mobile; Anime Network; E!; Fox News Channel; Travel Channel; The Weather Channel; MavTV; and AccuWeather.com. 

SES Americom and HiWire say they are in discussions to add other programming services which will be finalized prior to consumer launch.

"The Hiwire SES AMERICOM joint mobile TV trial is delivering three times the number of broadcast quality television channels of any other U.S. mobile TV system being utilized today," said Bill Squadron, President of

SES Ameicom's IP Prime division, in a statement.  "By joining our impressive 24 channel

lineup, this innovative group of programmers and networks will be able to learn right along with us when it comes to the consumer preferences and technical performance that the trial demonstrates."