Hitwise: American Idol Rules Web

Finale of Fox Reality Show Draws 39.28% of Traffic to Broadcast-Network TV-Show Web Sites

The finale of American Idol last week helped to drive that show's share of Web traffic through the roof.

According to Hitwise, which tracks traffic from a sample of 10 million Web users, Idol had 39.28% of the traffic to broadcast-network TV-show Web sites for the share period ending May 24. That was up over 50% from the previous week's 24.69%. In both cases, though, Idol was the top show by a wide margin.

The second-most-visited site for the period ending May 24 was another show that wrapped up its season, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, which claimed 9.3% of traffic. NBC's Deal or No Deal was third with 3.69%.

NCIS -- which aired its season finale last week, as well -- got the biggest online share of any scripted show, coming in fourth with 3.39% of traffic after having not even made the top 10 the week before.

Rounding out the top five was Fox's America's Most Wanted with 2.57%.