History Channel sails The Ship


At the Television Critics Association tour Thursday, The History Channel displayed its latest take on the reality trend with The Ship.

The six-hour miniseries, bowing Oct. 14 through 16, recreated Captain James Cook's
18th century South Sea voyage.

A total of 40 participants assembled aboard a replica of Cook's ship for a six-week

Unlike Survivor-type reality, though, this History and British Broadcasting Corp.
co-production was not a competition and didn't award any prizes.

"It was 21st century adventurers going in the footsteps of an
18th century adventure," director Chris Terrill said. "There were no
tasks, no games made up."

History is adding three new series beginning in August.

Mail Call (Aug. 25) explores military might and invention through
modern-day enactments, like how a Civil War cannon was fired.

Basic Training (Aug. 5) follows six military recruits through the rigors
of basic training.

And three-part miniseries Big Deals: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
investigates five business mega-mergers, including Sony Corp.'s acquisition of
Columbia Pictures, beginning Sept. 16.