History Channel Invites Americans into the White House


On Nov. 26, the History Channel will premiere The White House: Behind Closed Doors, giving its viewers a 90-minute in-depth look behind the exterior walls of the historical White House.

In the special, President George W. Bush and his wife share their own experiences and insights of what it's like to live in the most famous house in America. Other guests, including brothers Leslie and Leigh Keno, from the television series Antique's Roadshow, will join in conversation with Mrs. Bush as they tour around the home.

This special will include behind the scenes looks from an official state dinner, as well as peeks into the Lincoln Bedroom and the Oval Office.

History will unfold before the camera as The History Channel goes back in time to show the burning by the British in the War of 1812, as well as the construction of the West Wing by Theodore Roosevelt. Other modifications, like the ones during the Truman era, will also be shown en route to displaying the construction of the White House as it stands today.

This is the first time cameras have been allowed inside to tape for public broadcasting since Jacqueline Kennedy did back in 1962.