Historical Idealism


Paul Irvin, late of WUSA-TV Washington, has joined the Radio-Television News Directors Association as director for political coverage and community journalism projects. Irvin replaces Cy Porter, who died a year ago following complications after a heart transplant. It's not the first career change for Irvin, who became a newsman while free-lancing as a cameraman on his days off from firefighting. Irvin gave up being a fireman in the mid 1980s to join WRC-TV Washington, where he held numerous news management positions. He left the business in 1997, intending to return to school and become a high school history teacher. But he returned when WUSA-TV offered him the news directorship. "That was too big to turn down: being news director in the town I grew up in." Irvin says he was naturally disappointed when he lost the

WUSA-TV job, but "I believe things happen for a reason." His new position, he notes, allows him to combine his knowledge of the news business with his desire to teach. "I feel closer now to the idealism I felt when I first got into this business," he says. "This job gives me a chance to advance that."