Hispanics ARE Watching


Editor: I am writing to express my concern about the accuracy of the facts purported in a Focus article titled "Slugging It Out" (11/3/03). This article incorrectly suggests there is a lack of Spanish-language television viewing in Tucson, Ariz. The reality is, Spanish-language television in Tucson, like most markets in the Southwest, is rapidly growing.

At issue is the last paragraph, more specifically the last two sentences which state that no Spanish-language television network has garnered over a 3 share in the past three years. This may not sound like much, but the inference is unmistakable: You do not need to buy Spanish-language television in Tucson because no one is watching.

Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how you slice the ratings—persons 2+, adults 18-34, adults 18-49 or adults 25-54—Univision has repeatedly broken a 3 share with all major demos in all major dayparts throughout the past three years. Even if you take the worst-case scenario in judging ratings (Monday-Sunday 5 a.m.-5 a.m., which is not usually used to analyze TV ratings), Univision has broken a 3 share with all major demographics. If you take a more typical view and look at prime time ratings in the (current at time of the article) July 2003 book, Univision jumps to a 9 share in prime time NSI with adults 18-49.

We are most interested in your doing your own independent analysis of these facts and accurately portraying the popularity of Spanish-language television in Tucson.

Ramon J. Pineda, general manager, Univision, KTVW-TV/KFPH(TV) Phoenix, KUVE(TV)/KTAZ(TV) Tucson (Received via e-mail)