Hill Won't Get Preview of CPB Report


The results of an inspector general's investigation into problems at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting board involving Chairman Ken Tomlinson will not be ready by the board's next meeting on Sept. 26.

Although the full report was not expected to be released until the beginning of November, several Hill staffers had said last week they were told by Inspector General Kenneth Konz during a three-hour briefing that they would get a preliminary report by the end of this week (Democratic Reps. John Dingell and David Obey had requested the investigation).

But the Hill got the word Tuesday not to expect anything before the end of October. Deputy Inspector General William Richardson confirmed the late October timetable, though had no comment on last week's briefing.

Richardson also said he expected Obey and Dingell will get the report, which will outline "deficiencies in policies and procedures" at CPB, at the same time as the CPB board.

According to a staffer familiar with the time line, the IG initially said it would respond to the Dingell/Obey request within a month but, "began to find things," and expended it into a larger report.

Several critics of Tomlinson (and his policy of trying to balance what he sees as a liberal PBS programming with conservative shows) are scheduled to speak at the meeting to call for more transparency and less politics.

Tomlinson's hiring of an outside consultant to gauge PBS bias helped spur the call for an investigation by Obey and Dingell into the politicization of the group.