Hemmer Heads to Fox


Cast-off  CNN anchor Bill Hemmer will get a berth at rival Fox News Channel. Hemmer, who most recently co-hosted CNN’s morning show, American Morning with Soledad O’Brien, will be a weekday anchor and correspondent for Fox.

Hemmer spent 10 years at CNN as an anchor and reporter. He started his TV career as a sports anchor for WCPO Cincinnati.

Fox is solidly out in front of CNN in ratings, but executives and anchors from the networks often swipe at the competition.

When Hemmer’s former American Morning partner Paula Zahn defected from Fox to CNN several years ago, Fox News chief Roger Ailes said a dead raccoon would have attracted better ratings.

More recently, new CNN chief Jonathan Klein has been fond of saying that CNN covers news while Fox talks about it.

Hemmer lost his American Morning post last month when CNN opted to bring in Miles O’Brien.

The network offered Hemmer a spot as White House correspondent, which he rejected.