Help For Storm-Affected Broadcasters


The Broadcasters’ Foundation, which quietly exists to give aid to broadcasters or their families who have fallen on hard times, is looking for ways to help the broadcasters hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, the foundation’s president, Gordon Hastings, announced Tuesday.

“The need is obvious, so immediate and so necessary,” Hastings says. “We want to help ease the pain. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we exist.”

With an endowment of $1.5 million, Hastings says the foundation will seek “the best possible way to help within our means.”

Since 1995, the Broadcasters’ Foundation has given $1.6 million in aid to broadcasters who have fallen on hard times. Right now it provides monthly aid to 36 individuals, which will continue.

Helpin Katrina victims is its biggest effort since the organization was founded in 1942. Hastings believes there are about 100-200 broadcasters who were severely impacted by the hurricane.
A committee of top broadcasters will help coordinate the emergency grants. The foundation will expedite the process so the aid can get to families quickly.

Hastings and Broadcasters’ Foundation Chairman Phil Lombardo urge persons with knowledge of individuals with great need to contact the foundation by calling (203) 862-8577 or e-mailing Hastings at
While the foundation has three fund-raisers a year, Hastings also said contributions to the fund would be welcome, too.