Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

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According to a CBS spokesman's testament Thursday, Saturday's was the last Will.

The network pulled the plug on reality show The Will after only one outing, citing low ratings.

The Jan. 8 debut of the reality show, which featured 10 heirs competing for the ranch of wealthy Kansas developer Bill Long, only generated a 2.9 rating/5 share.

Although the show was going up against strong competition from NFL playoffs on ABC, so was CBS's 48 Hours at 10 p.m., which managed to pull in a 6.1/10.

A repeat of drama  Cold Case will air this Saturday night at 8, followed by players to be named later. When Survivor returns Feb. 17, reality show Wickedly Perfect, which had been airing in Survivor's Thursday 8 p.m. slot, will inherit the Saturday 8.

At press time, The Will area on the CBS.com Web site was still up and running.