Heat wave heats up syndies


The week ending Aug. 25 featured a late-summer heat wave, which may have
driven more viewers indoors to their TVs if syndicated viewing performances are
any measure.

The top weekly hours, off-network sitcoms and talk shows all turned in solid
performances as a rule.

All of the top six weekly hours were up or even with the week before,
according to Nielsen Media Research numbers.

The weekend version of Entertainment Tonight was No. 1 (for the 37th
week in a row), up 7 percent to a 3.0. The X-Files was up 9 percent to a
2.5. Mutant X was up 26 percent to a 2.4, tied with The Practice,
which was up 9 percent. Stargate SG-1 was unchanged at a 2.3, while
Buffy the Vampire Slayer was up 21 percent to a 2.3.

Five of the top six off-net sitcoms were up or even for the week, as

Leading the way was Friends, up 10 percent to a 6.6 and claiming the
No. 2 spot in syndication behind Wheel of Fortune. Friends
dislodged Jeopardy! from its familiar No. 2 spot for the second time in
five weeks (they also tied for second another of those weeks).

Seinfeld was unchanged at a 5.6, Everybody Loves Raymond was up 2
percent to a 5.4, Home Improvement was up 10 percent to a 3.3, King of
the Hill
was down 3 percent to a 3.3 and Frasier was up 3 percent to
a 3.1

In court action, five of the top six held even or improved.

Judge Judy led with a 5.0, unchanged from the week before. Judge Joe
was up 3 percent to a 3.4, Divorce Court was down 4 percent to
a 2.6, Judge Greg Mathis was up 10 percent to a 2.3, Texas Justice
was flat at a 2.1 and People's Court was up 6 percent to a