Healthy demand for "Madness On Demand"


CBS Sportsline announced strong early traffic for "March Madness on Demand," its free Internet coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament available through

Through 4 pm on Thursday, Mar. 15, the tournament's opening day, some 800,000 people had registered for the MMOD service, and those registrants had visited the MMOD video player over 1.5 million times. Prior to tip-off of the opening game between Maryland and Davidson, there were 189,000 users waiting in line to get into the MMOD video player.

Earlier Thursday, CBS announced that game clips and highlights from the NCAA tournament would appear on a designated YouTube “channel” sponsored by Pontiac.

NCAA and CBS Sports content on the YouTube channel will be rateable and embeddable just like other YouTube content, and as part of the Pontiac sponsorship, visitors are invited to vote, round-by-round, on a "Game Changing Performance."