HDR and Its Impact on Workflow

How to Integrate the Benefits of High Dynamic Range into Existing Video Production and Distribution

This paper discusses the various High Dynamic Range formats in use today and how producers can integrate HDR into the production and distribution of their programming regardless of whether some, all, or none of their production equipment is HDR-ready. The sidebars within this paper discuss various HDR products as well as production companies that have already deployed High Dynamic Range.

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AJA FS-HDR Powers First-Ever Simultaneous UltraHD HDR / HD SDR Broadcast for South Korean Audiences

The Seoul-based broadcaster’s first foray into high dynamic range transmissions was in 2018 for the Russian World Cup. For broadcasting “Bear,” MBC required a solution capable of transmitting content from an HDR source to HDR and SDR destinations concurrently. To manage the workflow, MBC enlisted AJA’s FS-HDR real-time HDR converter and frame synchronizer to run UltraHD HDR to HD SDR conversion, enabling real-time broadcast to audiences in either format. Based upon the HDR and resolution capabilities of their televisions, viewers could watch either version of the program at the same moment in time.