HBO's Entourage Cover-Up


Home Box Office’s wild comedy, Entourage, isn’t just good, it’s tame.

During its first few episodes, skin was a no-show amid the hot parties and one-night stands. And we’re not the only ones who noticed. "Here is a show about four twentysomethings living the high life in Hollywood and scamming hot chicks all the time," says a viewer, in an Internet bulletin board. "And no gratuitous nudity! What the hell are they thinking?"

Like hunky character Vincent Chase, they were thinking about women—female viewers, specifically. HBO insiders say the network was deliberately restrained early on to attract women to the male-oriented show. It drew Alicia Cathers, 33, of Tilford, Pa., who cites Entourage’s softer content as part of its appeal. "Some HBO shows have been disturbing," she sighs. "You could have just told me what happened."

Entourage creator Doug Ellin says he wanted the show to be "as realistic as possible and capture a time and a place." But nudity and explicit sex are at a bare minimum.