HBO Goes Back 'In Treatment'

Daily Drama Series Gets Another Chance To Make An Impact On Viewers.

HBO has given a second season pickup to In Treatment, the drama series focusing on the therapy sessions of Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne), and his sessions with his own therapist, Dr. Gina Toll (Dianne West).

The network has not confirmed any other cast members, but says it will do so as they come on board.

The first season of In Treatment had generally favorable reviews from critics, but the ratings were not spectacular, leading to speculation that the network would pass on season two.

The scheduling of In Treatment is unusual in that each day, Monday-Friday, a new episode chronicling the therapy session of a different character is shown. So viewers would not miss an episode, the network made sure to schedule reruns throughout the weekends, and made the shows available quickly on its VOD platform, and iTunes.

HBO says production on season two will begin in New York this fall, with a debut scheduled for 2009.

The drama had been filmed in Los Angeles for its first season. The move to New York was spurred on by tax credits finalized by the state in April.