HBO Fight Packs PPV Punch


HBO Sports’ pay-per-view telecast of Saturday’s Oscar De La Hoya-Ricardo Mayorga fight generated $43.8 million in revenue on 875,000 buys. The buys consisted of 475,000 from cable systems and 400,000 from satellite operators.

The event marked the best pay-per-view numbers since De La Hoya fought Bernard Hopkins in September 2004, a fight that took in $56 million from one million buys. De La Hoya has been involved in each of the top five highest-selling non-heavyweight pay per view events, led by the 1.4 million buys he and Felix Trinidad generated in September 1999.

HBO will re-air the fight on its network this Saturday night at 9:45 pm ET, along with a live telecast of a bout between Ricky Hatton and Luis Collazo.