'Happily Divorced' Gets More Social

TV Land ramps up social media for season two March 7th premiere

In an example of how social media has become crucial for shows targeting all demos, TV Land is significantly expanding its social media efforts for the launch on March 7th of the second season of Fran Drescher's Happily Divorced.

The efforts have already garnered significant publicity with a Facebook "Love is Love" Marriage Contest. Fran Drescher will marry the winning gay couple on March 6th in an event that will include its own social media efforts. These include checking in at Foursquare and tweeting by attendees at the #LoveisLove.

"It is easy to presume that social media is skewing young but Pinterest is driving a lot of traffic to women's fashion and Facebook is now reaching the older end of the demo," notes Erik Flannigan, executive VP of digital media at Viacom Entertainment Group. "Everyone is on Facebook now."

Flannigan also stresses that the Happily Divorced and more importantly its star Drescher are a perfect fit for their social media campaign, which will emphasize fans attachment to the popular sitcom star and her love of fashion.

Social media platforms being used for the campaign, which represents a significant expansion of those used in season one, include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Get Glue, Timblr and Pinterest.

One key effort will be to "activiate" Drescher's long-standing fan base around the show, Flannigan notes. As part of that effort, they're promoted #FranFan on Twitter and have been offering Get Glue Sticker rs tied to the airing of episodes of The Nanny in the run-up to the start of the second season of Happily Divorced.

The campaign is also focusing on fashion, which Flannigan notes has long been a key interest of Drescher's fans.

As part of that effort, it has created YouTube clips with the wardrobe and costume designer Brenda Cooper discussing Drescher's fashion in Happily Divorced.

They are also featuring a Fran's Fashion File on Tumblr, which highlights how Drescher's looks on each show and has additional interviews with Cooper.

Pinterest will also be used to promote the show. While Pinterest is a relative newcomer to social media campaigns promoting TV shows, Flannigan says the site, which has become important for woman and fashion, was a natural fit for their show's demo and social media strategy.

TV Land's Pinterest board will showcase fashion from Happily Divorced and encourage fans to share images.