Hallmark Takes Up New Commercial Format

10-second bumper spots feature sponsors logos

Filed at 9:57 a.m. on June 16, 2009

Hallmark is reviving the "stay tuned for a word from our sponsor" concept in a new commercial format.

Mutual of Omaha is the first sponsor of the new commercial "Fast Break," which will begin with a 10-second bumper informing viewers that the show will return in 30 seconds. The bumper will include the sponsor's logo.

The idea is to break through the clutter, says Hallmark.

"Each ‘Fast Break' is designed to exclusively showcase a single advertiser's product in a clutter-free environment, and is intentionally brief so that viewers stay tuned-in to both the network and the sponsor's message," said Hallmark Channel President Bill Abbott in announcing the new format.

"Clients are increasingly concerned over the amount and length of commercial pods on television; this endeavor will provide greater awareness and ROI for our clients."