Hallmark Offers A Super Bowl Alternative

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The Hallmark Channel will counter-program the Big Game with its own "Super Bowl Halftime Show" featuring not Prince nor potential wardrobe malfunctions, the  half-hour special will showcase the best of Hallmark cards and card ads in Hallmark Hall of Fame specials.

Those are the ones that make grown men blubber. For example, remember the retiring, Mr. Chips-like teacher who gets a hand delivered card from an old student even as he is packing up his desk.

Hallmark says the show is for viewers who "Don’t know a goalpost from a signpost." The special will air Feb. 4, and it is scheduled to start whenever the halftime show begins.

Meanwhile  Lifetime is programming theatricals like The Good Girl--"when Justine Last becomes bored in her marriage to Phil, she strikes up an emotionally charged love affair with a discount store’s stock boy."

Calling the big football game "boring," Lifetime is targeting viewers who "can finally stop pretending you know which teams are actually playing."