H-A is seller of radio; Emmis may be buyer


New York

Hearst-Argyle Television is on the prowl for a purchaser of its seven radio stations. "They're talking to everybody," a source says. One of those is said to be Emmis Communications. According to The Indianapolis Star last Friday, Emmis and H-A are negotiating. It's a long way from a done deal, however. The paper says H-A wants to swap its radio stations for some Emmis TV stations, but Emmis wants to buy the radio stations outright.

Emmis Chairman Jeffrey H. Smulyan earlier this month swore to investors that his next big deal would be for radio stations, and that it would be accomplished soon (B & C, May 15). H-A owns stations in Phoenix; Baltimore; Greensboro/Winston-Salem, N.C.; and Louisville, Ky. An H-A spokesman declined comment and Smulyan could not be reached at deadline.