Gutter Sues NBC, Fox


New York-based Gutter Magazine is suing NBC and Fox for $1 billion,
alleging that the two networks ripped off its idea for a reality show called
Love or Money and turned it into Fox's Joe Millionaire and NBC's
For Love or Money.

The magazine's CEO, Asante Kahari, filed the suit in New York's Southern
District Federal Court.

Suing for copyright infringement hasn't proven very successful in the world
of reality TV so far, with CBS failing to get anything out of its lawsuit
against ABC that alleged that I'm a Celebrity . Get Me Out of Here!
blatantly copied CBS' Survivor, except maybe satisfaction that Get Me
Out of Here
failed to perform in the ratings.

Joe Millionaire and For Love or Money certainly bear a resemblance
to each other, with Joe Millionaire a dating show in which the women
don't know the bachelor in question really has no money, contrary to
appearances, and For Love or Money a dating show in which the bachelor
doesn't know 15 women are competing for the choice between him or $1 million
(and likely choosing the $1 million, considering the antics so far of For
Love or Money
's Rob Campos).