Group Forms to Smackdown Crackdown


"Personal responsibility" fans will take aim at the government indecency crackdown, armed with a study they say shows viewers, overwhelmingly,don't want the government doing their jobs for them.

The TV Watch coalition will officially launch Wednesday with a teleconference revealing its membership rolls.

A spokeswoman for the group says it has a study showing that a vast majority of Americans, almost four to one, "say more government regulation is not the solution, personal responsibility is."

It bills itself as a mix of Republicans and Democrats, but one of the most prominent names on the announcement is member Adam Thierer, with the Progress & Freedom Foundation, who last year put out a call to conservatives to oppose government intrusion into content. 

Thierer wrote last June in nationalreviewonline during the back-and-forth over a bill to up FCC indecency fines: "I have a serious problem with calling in Uncle Sam to play the role of surrogate parent and I would hope some others out there do too.

"Particularly troubling to me is the fact that so many conservatives, who rightly preach the gospel of personal responsibility about most economic issues, seemingly give up on this notion when it comes to cultural issues. Art, music, and speech are fair game for the Ministry of Culture down at the FCC, but don't let them regulate our cable rates!"

Thierer will help unveil those others in a conference call Wednesday, but one of them is the new group's executive director, Jim Dyke, former Republican National Committee communications director.