Grounded going to The WB


In an unprecedented midseason switch, The WB Television Network is taking
over Fox's Grounded for Life after the February
sweeps, a WB spokesman said Monday.

The WB will purchase six new episodes of the show and will also have the
rights to 40 episodes created in the two years the Carsey-Werner-Mandabach show
has been on Fox.

The network will also have the rights to some of the 13-episode run that Fox
hasn't aired.

So far, Fox only has aired two new episodes this season, and it is likely to air
three more before giving up the rights.

The WB is likely to air Grounded for Life as part of its Friday-night comedy lineup, the WB spokesman said. Fox had been lukewarm about picking
up the full 22-episode run all season, one source said.

Once a certain date lapsed without a pickup, C-W-M informed Fox that it was going
to shop the show to other networks, and The WB was immediately interested.

As the contract demanded, C-W-M informed Fox of The WB's offer, and Fox chose
to let the show go, the source said.

The WB was also said to be deciding the fate of its Wednesday-night drama, Birds of Prey, Monday, but a
spokesman said no decision had been made on that show at press