Grebow could be NY's new tower guy


New York TV stations may have found a new man to lead their troubled efforts
to replace the broadcast tower lost on Sept. 11.

The stations' Metropolitan Television Alliance is talking with Ed Grebow,
currently deputy president of Sony Electronics Corp.

Grebow would succeed Douglas Land, who stepped down in May after having made
little progress in finding a suitable site for the tower.

Grebow acknowledged the talks with the broadcasters and his interest, but
he said any deal is far from done.

"This is a fascinating project," he added. "It's important to broadcasting
and it's important to the city."

At Sony, Grebow's duties include running Sony Broadcast and Professional Co.,
the leading supplier of TV-production gear in the United States, with $600 million in
annual sales.

Grebow, 52, served in top management slots at CBS between 1988 and 1995.

From 1995 through 1997, he was president of Tele-TV Systems, one of the telephone
companies' ill-fated runs at the TV business.

Since then, he has managed TV-hardware companies, first Chyron Corp. then,
beginning in 1999, Sony.

Over the years, Grebow has kept a hand in city politics.

After months of searching and engineering studies, the New York stations
believe the only practical site for their 2,000-foot tower is Governors
Island, off the southern tip of Manhattan.

But Mayor Michael Bloomberg has twice publicly stated his opposition to a
tower on the island.

He finds a tower incompatible with his plan to use the island as a campus of
City University of New York.