Grass Valley’s Infinity Headlines in Vegas


Broadcast infrastructure and production supplier Grass Valley took the wraps off working models of its disk-based Infinity camcorders at an NAB press event in Las Vegas Saturday.

As stage lights flashed, 10 camera operators walked off the stage and into the crowd, shooting video on the tapeless Infinity units. The Infinity camcorder, which will list for $26,000 and ship in July, will support a variety of digital compression formats and can record media on “REVPRO” disks from Iomega and 8 gigabyte flash memory cards from SanDisk.

Grass Valley VP Jeff Rosica declared that Infinity represents an “end to closed solution,” referring obliquely to competitors Sony and Panasonic, which have tapeless camcorders with their own unique compression schemes.

Grass Valley also announced that it has developed a next-generation silicon chip, the Advanced Compression Processor, aimed at using MPEG-4 compression to encode high-definition video.

Grass Valley President Marc Valentin said the chip will be used in a variety of Grass Valley products, including encoders, signal processors and servers.