Grass Valley backs iNEWS browser

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Grass Valley Group has decided to support Media Browse 2000, the low-res journalist browser developed by newsroom computer supplier iNEWS, instead of creating its own low-res browser within the Vibrint product line. Grass Valley and iNEWS will showcase an integrated newsroom solution using MediaBrowse 2000 at RTNDA in Minneapolis this week. The demonstration will integrate iNEWS newsroom software and Media Browse with Grass Valley's Profile server, Vibrint NewsEdit editing system and ContentShare software.

Grass Valley's plan to create its own low-res browser after buying Vibrint in April drew industry criticism, particularly from Avid, its 50/50 partner in iNEWS (formerly known as Avstar Systems). iNEWS President and CEO Matt Danilowicz is understandably pleased by the reversal. "It didn't make a lot of sense for these two companies to be engaged in essentially developing a competing product, when the whole purpose of iNEWS since its inception was to help support an end-to-end digital strategy for news and help Grass Valley and Avid."