Grannan To Oversee Launch of AT&T CruiseCast For RaySat

Project is slated to launch in spring 2009

RaySat Broadcasting has named an executive to oversee its launch of AT&T's CruiseCast satellite TV service for cars.

Mike Grannan will be chief operating officer for Raysat and head up business operations for its participation in the project, which is slated to launch in spring 2009. The "rear-seat entertainment" service will feature 20-plus satellite TV channels including Bravo, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Comedy Central, Sci Fi, USA, ABC News Now, and Nickelodeon among them.

It will also deliver 20 channels of radio.

RaySat, which produceds the satellite antennas that will receive the service, didn't have to look far for someone to coordinate the business with AT&T.

For the past 16 years, Grannan has been an executive with AT&T, including at AT&T Labs working on the deployment of IP-based video services, and most recently as executive director of business development for the company, including developing video and data services for delivery to automobiles.