Granite Broadcasting Giving Candidates Free Airtime

TV-Station Owner to Relaunch Program in Six Weeks Leading Up to Presidential Election

Granite Broadcasting will continue its tradition of granting free airtime to qualified candidates for public office in the six weeks leading up to the presidential election.

The program -- first established in 1998 for that year’s congressional elections -- is designed to “serve the public interest by facilitating an open and vigorous exchange of ideas.”

“We're excited to be able to extend our journalistic responsibility by providing the local communities we serve with this level of informative political coverage,” Granite chairman and CEO W. Don Cornwell said in a statement. “By showcasing the various candidates across our television-station group, we continue to expand our dialogue with the voting public.”

Participating stations will give the candidates two minutes to respond to an issue of local or national importance and will make their production facilities available to them. The responses will be highly publicized on local news programs and will be available in full online.