Granite-Barrington Partnership Hits Stations Hard

At least 70 laid off at WTVH and WHOI

At least 40 WTVH Syracuse employees lost their jobs when Granite and Barrington announced they were sharing services, reports Syracuse's Post-Standard. Another 30-plus got the sack from Barrington's WHOI Peoria, reports Peoria's Journal Star.

According to yesterday's partnership announcement, Barrington will run Granite's WTVH, a CBS affiliate, from the studios of WSTM, the NBC affiliate in Syracuse. In Peoria, Barrington's ABC outlet WHOI will be run out of Granite's WEEK, an NBC affiliate.

The story is the most commented on the Post-Standard website,, today. It's also the most popular one on the Journal Star site, "The final nail in the coffin of local journalism. Corporate conglomeration has finally hit home," wrote Star reader mademedia. Added DemocratChris: "This is a sad day for local news stations. There needs to be more local news not less."