Granada Pitches Royal Recap


Hardly had the new royal couple of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles commenced with their "I dos" and "we are heartily sorries" when Granada International began shopping a a made-for based on their early romance, Whatever Loves Means.

The movie, which will end with the prince"s marriage to somebody else, Lady Diana Spencer, is described this way:

"A deeply unhappy young man [who] falls in love with an easy-going, sexually experienced woman.  His infatuation with her continues throughout her marriage, the birth of her two children and during his own numerous affairs. Knowing that he will never be able to marry Camilla he eventually finds a suitable virgin princess.  Yet, on the day of their engagement, as a TV interviewer enquires "Are you in love?" and Diana replies 'Of course!' Charles adds grimly 'Whatever love means...'

Granada will be pitching it for pre-sale at the MIP TV programming market starting today, April 11, in Cannes, France.