Gov't makes way for wireless Internet


The U.S. Department of Commerce on Tuesday concluded after nearly two
years of study that some spectrum used by broadcasters for educational services
will be cleared and used to provide advanced wireless services.

The Commerce Department has been looking at two blocks of spectrum on which to locate so-called third-generation, or "3G,"
wireless services: 1.71 gigahertz to 1.755 GHz, which is
used by federal agencies, and 2.11 GHz to 2.17 GHz, which is
used by nongovernment agencies, including instructional fixed television

The report, issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, found that
instructional TV services at 2.5 GHz to 2.69 GHz
could be moved to other parts of the band.

Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell
praised the effort, saying: "Throughout the past year, an interagency working
group with staff from the FCC, NTIA, DOD [Department of Defense] and other
executive branch agencies has been working diligently to identify spectrum for
advanced wireless services. The interagency working group developed a creative
plan for relocating these operations to other bands and, thus, clearing the band
for commercial use."