Gore explores network possibilities


Former Vice President Al Gore is exploring launching a liberal-leaning cable
network, according to published reports.

Gore, who ruled out another run for president in 2004, is said to be courting
financial backers and conferring with Joel Hyatt, founder of Hyatt Legal
Plans, and Comcast Corp., reports said.

Gore is also said to be working with a wealthy Chicago couple that is
planning to start up a radio network.

Democratic strategists have long expressed concern over the success of
conservative talk radio -- Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity -- and the rise of Fox
News Channel, suggesting that Democrats need their own outlets and personalities.

If Gore decided to go in front of the camera, he would just be the latest in
a long line of former Clinton-era figures to hit the small screen.

Former President Bill Clinton is on 60 Minutes and was contemplating
his own talk show; George Stephanopoulos is on ABC; and James Carville and Paul
Begala are on Cable News Network. Even Monica Lewinsky got her own Fox reality show.

Although Gore has been accused of woodenness in public appearances,
associates said he has a wicked and engaging sense of humor.

Some of that media-friendliness was on display in a Saturday Night
appearance late last year on the eve of his announcement that he was
not running for president.