Gore 4, Bush 2


It's as if Queen Latifah, pictured above, heard the news from the International Radio & Television Foundation lunch last week: Four of the six top network-television-programming execs more or less endorsed Al Gore for president. They were asked by FOX News' Bill McCuddy to name the candidate they thought was better for their network. Clearly, though, a few spoke more for themselves than for their corporate bosses. The tally: Gore 4, Bush 2.

Dubya's two votes came from Jordan Levin, co-president of The WB, who said Republicans have a better history at allowing deregulation, and NBC's Garth Ancier, who didn't actually name Bush but said, "I'm a little disturbed over what I'm hearing from the Democratic side'' about content issues.

Walking the corporate tightrope was Fox's Gail Berman, whose boss is one of the world's most outspoken right-wingers. Nonetheless, she said, "Leaving Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch out of it, I will say that times have been prosperous under a Democratic leadership for the past eight years. I'd like to believe that will continue under Democratic leadership."