Gordon Smith Endorsing Romney

NAB President says Romney has proven job creation record as governor and in private sector

Former Oregon Senator Gordon Smith, now president of the National Association of Broadcasters, has endorsed Mitt Romney for President, an NAB spokesperson confirmed Monday.

The Boston Globe reported that Smith had given Romney the shout-out for "a proven job creation record as governor and in the private sector," and that Romney had responded that Smith "will help me spread my message that President Obama has failed and that his policies must be reversed."

If so, he would have to do so while at the same time lobbying hard to convince the Obama administration of the value of preserving broadcasting in the face of calls for more broadband spectrum.

The endorsement is a personal endorsement, not an association endorsement, NAB made clear Monday. Smith, like Romney, is a Mormon and moderate Republican.

"Sen. Smith's endorsement is a personal endorsement based on years of friendship with Mitt Romney," said NAB in a statement. "NAB is a bipartisan trade association and does not endorse presidential candidates."