Gop-leaning Media types join Bushs transition team

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The list of advisers on Bush's FCC transition team has grown by leaps and bounds. From the original five, the Bush team has added 30-plus members, making the list read like a who's who of Republican media lobbyists. Jumping on the transition bandwagon are NCTA's Peggy Binzel; Comcast's James Coltharp; Brandt Gustavson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters; News Corp.'s Justin Lilley; Viacom's Carol Melton; Bell South's Dan Matoon; NAB's Eddie Fritts; NBC's Bob Okun and Verizon's Tom Tauke. What's still unclear is who these advisers are recommending to staff the FCC. Sources say the Bush-Cheney transition team still has not contacted FCC Commissioner Michael Powell about becoming chairman of the agency.