Gop-leaning Media types join Bushs transition team


The list of advisers on Bush's FCC transition team has grown by leaps and bounds. From the original five, the Bush team has added 30-plus members, making the list read like a who's who of Republican media lobbyists. Jumping on the transition bandwagon are NCTA's Peggy Binzel; Comcast's James Coltharp; Brandt Gustavson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters; News Corp.'s Justin Lilley; Viacom's Carol Melton; Bell South's Dan Matoon; NAB's Eddie Fritts; NBC's Bob Okun and Verizon's Tom Tauke. What's still unclear is who these advisers are recommending to staff the FCC. Sources say the Bush-Cheney transition team still has not contacted FCC Commissioner Michael Powell about becoming chairman of the agency.