GOP Convention Delayed a Day

Storm prompts party to move convention opening to Tuesday

The Republican National Convention is being abridged to
three days thanks to tropical storm Isaac.

Convention organizers put out a revised scheduled Monday
morning that showed RNC chairman Reince Priebus formally gaveling the meeting
to order at 2 p.m., and then announcing a recess 10 minutes later.

That will leave a lot of media outlets looking for something
to cover -- there have already been numerous stories about the increased
traffic at strip clubs and the Sarah Palin lookalike.

According to Republican National Convention organizers,
representatives of media outlets will outnumber convention delegates by more
than 3 to 1 at this week's convention in Tampa.

According to the committee website, there are 15,000
accredited members of the media attending the convention. The combined number
of convention delegates (2,286) and alternate delegates (2,125) is only 4,411.