Google Takes Another Shot at the TV

Introduces ‘Android TV’ for smart TVs, set-tops and streaming devices
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Taking aim at Roku, Amazon, Apple and others that have developed software and app platforms for the big screen, Google on Wednesday introduced Android TV, a version of its operating system that’s optimized for a variety of third-party connected TVs and set-tops, as well as specialized streaming devices and gaming machines.  

Looking to succeed where its original Google TV efforts failed, Android TV, announced at Google’s I/O developer’s conference, will feature prominently in the coming “L” release of Android, which is being developed to work across the usual suspects – smartphones and tablets – but to also work on a new line of wearable devices and connected cars that support the Google OS.

Android TV “is not a new platform,” stressed Dave Burke, director of engineering at Android. The idea is to give the TV “the same level and attention as [Android] phones and tablets have enjoyed.”

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