Google Promoting Chrome Browser With TV Ads

New ad campaign largest offline ever for company

In an effort to keep people using their search engine, Google has launched a new TV ad campaign for its Chrome browser, reports The New York Times.

campaign, "the Web is what you make of it," - which began with
90-second spots Tuesday night - is the largest offline campaign in
Google's history. The advertisements are meant to appeal to the more
personal, emotional side of people, instead of the browser's
technological features (one of the reasons Chrome was created was that
rival browsers couldn't handle Google's products).

company is invested in Chrome usage, because the browser intimately
features Google's search engine. Two-thirds of all online searches use
Google, while only 14% use Microsoft's Bing.

has far more people using its browser, roughly 45% of computers use a
version of Internet Explorer, says web analytics firm StatCounter.
Chrome has only 18%. However, in the past year Internet Explorer's share
is down from 53%, while Chrome's is up (its user count tripled to 120
million last year).