Good Day's Matenopoulos Injured

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Debbie Matenopoulos, new co-host of Twentieth Television's Good Day Live was injured Wednesday in L.A. when she landed "incorrectly" while attempting a thee story practice fall into an airbag.

The stunt was for a segment on firefighters, tied in to a new John Travolta film about firefighters, Ladder 49.

Matenopoulos was at a local L.A. firehouse demonstrating a practice fall from three stories into an airbag.
Instead of lifting her legs and landing on her behind, she came down feet first, sending her knees into her elbows and effectively giving herself an uppercut. She complained of dizziness and had trouble remembering the incident, according to a Twentieth spokesman.
It being a fire station, paramedics and an ambulance were close by. She needed both. After observation at a local hospital, she was sent home with instructions to her husband to wake her every couple of hours, standard procedure with possible concussion.
Matenopoulos will be out the rest of the week, but producers are hoping for her return Monday. She called in to the show Thursday from home.


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