Geodesic Launches Mundu TV

Initial focus for digital TV service will be on ex-pats and mobile operators in Asia and Latin America

Geodesic Limited has launched its Mundu TV product, a digital TV service targeted to both operators and consumers that allows users access live and archived television content, video programming and movies on a wide range of mobile phones, netbooks, laptops and other Internet-connected devices.

Geodesic, which has about 700 employees and is traded on the Mumbai stock exchange, works with over 35 carriers around the world with a variety of products, but decided to initially beta test its Mundu TV with consumers before launching the services to carriers and operators on Monday, May 2.

In addition to the white label service that Geodesic is marketing to carriers, Mundu TV will continue to be directly available to consumers as a subscription service.

During the eight month beta consumer test, the Mundu TV's app was downloaded by about two million people, who used it to watched about 25 million minutes of video, and it was the number one iPad app in the entertainment category in the Apple App Store in India, notes Arvind Venkateswaran, Geodesic's senior VP of worldwide business development in an interview.

Demand was particularly strong on the Asian Pacific region, which will be a major focus for the company in signing up mobile carriers, explains Venkateswaran.

Venkateswaran also sees a strong business opportunity in the U.S. and other regions for ex-pats interested in accessing their content.

Mundu TV has also experienced strong download and activation numbers in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Thailand, Spain and Italy, during the consumer beta test.

"Asia Pacific will be our initial focus but we have a large footprint in South America," with their other services noted Venkateswaran, who adds that they are in "advanced discussions with operators" in Latin America.

Content for the service, which they plan to regionalize, is expected to grow to about 15 to 20 providers shortly. Venkateswaran also noted that they are close to concluding a deal for a major Indian sporting event, which they expect to announce shortly.