Generate, DiVide Pictures Form Branded Entertainment Pact

Will produce original digital branded entertainment content

Generate, the digital focused media company founded by former WB Network topper Jordan Levin, is partnering with DiVide Pictures, co-founded by Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) to produce branded entertainment content geared towards DiVide's young male audience.

DiVide will move into Generate's offices, and will develop concepts, which Levin's company will co-produce.

DiVide has worked with American Eagle and Cadillac, and is producing an original digital scripted series called Ultradome. Generate has also worked with American Eagle, as well as Microsoft, and is launching a digital scripted drama, The Lake, on August 10.

"Ever since I met Milo at The WB as a young actor on Gilmore Girls, I was struck by his professional ambition and passion for creating entertainment that he and his peer group found engaging," said Generate CEO, Jordan Levin. "Milo and Russ share Generate's vision of brands and content converging in the digital space which is an innovative opportunity for any company trying to activate DiVide's core fan base of ‘media multitasking' young males."