Genachowski and McDowell to Testify on Net Neutrality

House Judiciary subcommittee meeting to take place May 5

Democratic FCC Chairman
Julius Genachowski and senior Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell will
be testifying on network neutrality in a House Judiciary subcommittee
hearing Thursday, May 5.

The morning hearing in
the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet, is on
"Ensuring Competition on the Internet: Net Neutrality and Antitrust. Part
II: FCC Panel."

Part I was back in
February and featured, among others, net neutrality fan Gigi Sohn of
Public Knowledge.

The House has already
passed a resolution disallowing the FCC's December vote to expand and codify
its network openness principles, but that is almost certainly as far as that
resolution is going.

The rules have not gone
into effect yet, and won't for several months due to vetting by OMB for
paperwork reduction requirements and the fact that the FCC order said the rules
would not go into effect until 60 days after that vetting--by both the FCC and
OMB--was completed and the final rules published.